• Just uploaded RedisDB-1.03 to CPAN. In this version I extracted parser code into a separate module and cleaned it up a bit, I have in plans writing XS version of the parser. Another significant change is that I dropped Module::Install and switched to plain ExtUtils::MakeMaker. The size of the distribution almost halved as a result.

  • As practice shows, it takes about a week to deliver letter from Singapore to Singapore. Today I got long awaited one from ICA – about half an hour on bus from my home, don’t know why it took it so long. Yellow envelope with “PLEASE DO NOT BEND” written in big bold letters on the front side. And it was bent.

  • Got my results of my IELTS test today. Overall 7.5 which is not bad, though I got just 5.5 for speaking. I think I could do speaking better, but it was next day after my wife gave birth to our son, so I didn’t concentrate much on the test. Maybe I will take it again a couple of months later.

  • 北京

    Here are some photos from my trip to Beijing at January last year.

  • Made an attempt to cook Solyanka for dinner today, but got something completely different due to peculiarities of locally available components. Pickled cucumbers and Chinese sausages were sweet. Bouillon wasn’t thick enough. On a positive side, I had two types of chillies. As a result I created very nice sweet, sour and spicy soup. Eating the dinner was equivalent to a visit to sauna.

  • Today I finally got a new passport. I applied first in the end of April while was living in Malaysia. By the end of August, when I was moving to Singapore, it still wasn’t ready, so I had to apply again here. It seems Russian state institutes when hiring giving preferences to retards, it took them almost 8 months to print a new passport.

  • We bought a steamboat couple of weeks ago and it immediately became an irreplaceable attribute of weekend lunches. Christmas Hot Pot

  • Today for lunch we had delicious and spicy Sichuan food: Lunch

  • Just upgraded Ubuntu to 11.10. First impression very disappointing. Unity looks like completely unusable, and installation of gnome-panel doesn’t really saves situation – it’s ugly. Currently looking for solution with gnome, or maybe will upgrade to Xubuntu. This version IMO is a big step back in usability.

  • Just uploaded RedisDB 0.16 to CPAN. Hopefully now it will work on Windows. The problem is that Windows don’t support MSG_DONTWAIT flag for recv, so I have to switch socket into non-blocking mode before checking for data. And I got just a single test report for MSWin32 for three months, apparently it takes a lot of efforts to setup testing server on Win, see discussion on PerlMonks.

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