• Modern Perl book by chromatic is out. You can download free PDF version of the book right now, read it, and transfer some sum to the author later if you like the book and have money. Isn’t this how all books should be distributed?

    If you learning Perl, or switching to Perl from the other language, this book will help you with writing clean and maintainable code, introduce you to the main language features, and point you to the resources where you can find additional information and support.

  • ThinkPad

    Just a couple of weeks before I moved to Malaysia my Dell XPS M1330 broke down because of faulty Nvidia chip in it. It was very unpleasant surprise, but fortunately I had Lenovo IdeaPad S9 as temporary solution. So I disassembled Dell and saved some space in my luggage.

  • What are the most important features of employer

    Gabor Szabo started the poll for Perl developers What are the 8 most important features of an employer or a job opportunity for you?. Here are my answers with comments sorted by priority:

  • Datsan Gunzechoyney

    Buddhist monastery in Saint-Petersburg

  • It seems Putin is obsessed with faeces and terrorists. On the dawn of his political career he intended bumping them off in toilets, now he wants to go down into the sewer. Well, what other inclinations one may expect from the old KGB scumbag… ;) That just reminds me some symptoms described by Erich Fromm.

  • Pushed my vimrc to Github. I planned it for ages. Sometimes I need it, sometimes I want to fix something and push it back. Now it is at

  • I’m a regular grep user, I use it dozens times every day, but I think I’ve found a program that will replace it in my toolbox. It’s ack and it claims to be better than grep.

  • Upgrading Perl on Ubuntu

    Ubuntu 9.10 comes with Perl 5.10.0. I decided to upgrade it to the 5.10.1. This is usually not recommended to upgrade system perl, there are rumours that this may cause numerous problems if not render the system completely unusable, so accepted way is to install new perl into separate directory. Still I wanted to try and here’s description of how you can reproduce what I’ve done.

  • I’ve got new 500G HDD for my Dell M1330 and reinstalled Ubuntu. After installation I experienced several freezes – notebook blinked with caps and scroll lock leds and didn’t respond to any keys but power off. Every time this happened while wireless was actively used. As I discovered, the source of the problem was STA driver for WiFi card. After I installed b43-fwcutter, removed STA, and switched to b43 open-source driver the problem went away.

  • Creating preforking server with POE::Component::Daemon

    After upgrading Perl to 5.10.1 at Friday I found that POE::Component::Server::PreforkTCP, which we use in one of our products, doesn’t pass its tests anymore. Perhaps it’s possible to fix, I don’t know yet (it was Friday evening…), but as module not updated since 2002 I decided to check if there’s some replacement for it. I’ve found POE::Component::Daemon, it looks very promising for now and I really like it. Here’s TCP echo service that I wrote as example while playing with this module:

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