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  • Watched today Jim Jarmusch’s The Limits of Control in Avrora. Quite nice. Maybe it’s not the best his film, but still it’s better than usual boring stuff. I found that sometimes in Avrora you can see original versions of the films without dubbing.

  • Participated in Running City 2009. Our team took the 1st place, along with sixty other teams :).

  • Look what a beautiful mould has grown in my teapot.


  • Got today Hacking Vim from Packt Publishing for less than $15, and just released The Definitive Guide to Catalyst from Apress.

  • Firemen


  • Sunset near Lenexpo

    Sunset near Lenexpo

  • Lenovo ideapad S9

    Bought today S9. It looks good, but unfortunately there’s M$ XP installed. I have no USB stick, so have to wait till Monday before install something more suitable onto it. And using occasion I decided to investigate what XP is and maybe try to turn it into something usable with Firefox, Strawberry Perl, MinGW and MSYS.

  • Cats


  • Night view of Smolny

    Night View of Smolny

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