• Chizhik-Pyzhik

    If you don’t know what to do with the tons of coins you have, visit Chizhik-Pyzhik. You should make a wish and manage to hit the bird with the coin. Some experts advise to hit it with the coin into head. And yet others assert that coin should stay on Chizhik-Pyzhik’s head. If you make this, you wish will come true, no doubts.

  • Catching a Leap Second

    As you may know there is such thing as a leap second, and Dec 31 2008 is a day with a leap second. Couple of hours before New Year I got the idea to catch this leap second.

  • Today I finished watching M*A*S*H. All episodes from all eleven seasons, and it’s took me less than a year. M*A*S*H on IMDB

  • Just my photos

    Just some my pictures taken today.

  • More about UTF-8

    Now suppose you want to rid string of malformed utf-8 characters.

  • How to truncate UTF-8 string

    Suppose you need to put UTF-8 string into fixed length buffer. Actually I was need to do this. Problem is that the last symbol may be broken, so here is the example:

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