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RedisDB 2.00

June 27, 2012
Uploaded RedisDB 2.00 to CPAN yesterday. It features XS parser which improves performance about 25%. It still loses to Redis::hiredis in pipelining mode, but in synchronous mode it is faster. read more

RedisDB 1.03

March 19, 2012
Just uploaded RedisDB-1.03 to CPAN. In this version I extracted parser code into a separate module and cleaned it up a bit, I have in plans writing XS version of the parser. Another significant change is that I dropped Module::Install and switched to plain ExtUtils::MakeMaker. The size of the distri… read more

RedisDB 0.16

July 13, 2011
Just uploaded RedisDB 0.16 to CPAN. Hopefully now it will work on Windows. The problem is that Windows don't support MSG_DONTWAIT flag for recv, so I have to switch socket into non-blocking mode before checking for data. And I got just a single test report for MSWin32 for three months, apparently it… read more