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Packing timeval

December 05, 2012
Recently I got a lot of failures from CPAN Testers for RedisDB on NetBSD i386. After investigating a bit I've found that NetBSD 6.0 comes now with 64-bit time_t on all architectures. It means that the way I used to pack struct timeval value to set timeout on socket, didn't work anymore. Previously i… read more

Catching a Leap Second

January 01, 2009
As you may know there is such a thing as a leap second, and Dec 31 2008 is a day with a leap second. A couple of hours before New Year I got an idea to catch this leap second. The problem is that Linux uses Unix time and thus ignores leap seconds. Hence if you use time(2) or gettimeofday(2), the lea… read more